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Why organic reach is decreasing

If you have been managing a Facebook Page in the past few years, you have probably experienced a decrease in the number of people that are engaging with your organic posts. You might have even experienced a growth in fans but a decrease in post and page engagement.

Organic Reach refers to how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your Page. In other words, the amount of people that are seeing what you are posting without paying for an extended reach.

So, why is organic reach decreasing?

This first reason is a simple fact: more and more content is created and shared daily. Currently there are around 60 million Facebook Pages on the platform and in average, each page posts 1.4 times a day.
According to Brian Boland (Facebook Advertising VP), “There is now far more content being made than there is time to absorb it. On average, there are 1,500 stories that could appear in a person’s News Feed each time they log onto Facebook. For people with lots of friends and Page likes, as many as 15,000 potential stories could appear any time they log on.”
In addition to the growth in content, people’s behavior is changing and more pages are being liked. Facebook’s director of product management for News Feed said last April that the total number of Pages liked by the typical Facebook user grew more than 50% last year.

The second reason is related to how the Facebook News Feed algorithm works and how it learns from your behaviors, interests and engagements. “Of the 1,500+ stories a person might see whenever they log onto Facebook, News Feed displays approximately 300. To choose which stories to show, News Feed ranks each possible story (from more to less important) by looking at thousands of factors relative to each person.” said Brian
Since its creation, Facebook wants to make the journey of a user as personal as possible, and what can be more personal than the posts of friends?
As a result, it is more likely to see on your timeline more funny videos and baby pictures posted by family and friends instead of news and other marketing content from brands, businesses, and publishers.

Here is a very basic look on how the algorithm works but keep in mind that there are thousands of other factors that are considered:


All publishers experienced a decrease of organic reach in the past years and with the expansion of Facebook, it is likely that the reach will continue to decrease.
In this competition for reach, the best always stand out. What can you do to fight back the decrease? Here are a few ideas:

• Create great content that your fans would engage with while focusing on the things that are relevant for your business and audience
• Both Live and videos that are uploaded directly on Facebook (not shared from Youtube or other sites) are getting more reach and visibility on News Feeds
• Use Facebook Ads. If your Reach is down to nothing, try boosting a few Posts to your Fans only. That will help increase your visibility and by Boosting to your Fans only, you decrease your costs per engagement, but by people engaging with your post as a result of your boost, friends of them will see your post too increasing your organic reach

Did you experience organic reach decrease? What did you do about it?

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