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Facebook Tools

Facebook has a lot of tools you can use when advertising, but the two most important and useful tools for managing your Campaigns, Ad- sets and Ads are Ads Manager and Power Editor.

Ads Manager

Ads Manager is a tool were you can create and manage your Campaigns, Ad- sets and Ads, but also measure the results. The advantages of using Ads Manager are:

  • Create, edit and manage your Campaigns, Ad- sets and Ads
  • Choose a specific objective aligned to your business goals
  • Choose your placement
  • Target specific people you want to reach with your Ad.
  • Create and use specific audiences
  • View detailed results of your Campaigns, Ad- sets and Ads
  • View your billing summary, payment history and manage your payment method info

You can access Ads Manager by going to

Power Editor

Power Editor is similar to Ads Manager but more advanced. The options are more extended but more important it is designed for advertisers who create and manage multiple Ads at once. Advertisers can save time doing bulk actions and have a more precise control and overview on the campaigns.

You can access Power Editor by going to:

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Vlad Niță

Vlad Niță

CEO DoAds Agency și expert Facebook Ads

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